The Perfect Mixture; Interracial Dating

When it comes down to our races and skin colors, we, as humans, have a dark past. But now we live in a modern world. We have moved past all of that. Since 1967, interracial love and marriages have become more commonplace in society. By 2013, according to a survey done by the Pew Research Center, interracial marriages accounted for 12% of all new unions of lovers. These unions are like any other. They are there for mutual support, love and understanding. But being in an interracial relationship is not that easy. There are still some who can't, and don't tolerate these couples. These couples frequently receive angry looks and sometimes verbal or even physical harassment.

But there is something beautiful about interracial dating and marriage. For starters, they are some of the strongest people that you will ever meet. I don't mean this in a physical sense, but more of a mental strength. They stand up to the society that frowns upon them and keep on going. Then, of course, it is obvious to say that they are more open minded. If you were friends with such people and you too had outside the box views on the world, these couples would be some of the first people to stand by your choices.

Another thing that I have noticed, dear reader, is that they don't ever let other people influence them. This may perhaps be the most beautiful thing about them. This is truer for couples who have families that are against this. Although it sounds easy, going against your family's influence is one of the hardest things to do in the world. The people who have found their interracial match , seem have elected not to let these negative views affect or change them in any way.

We as a society need to understand that there is a lot to be learnt from these couples. That's the beauty of it. Dating someone of a different race gives us a chance to learn a new culture, opening a door to a whole new world. But this does not mean that you should have a colorblind approach to an interracial relationship and your partner, because with their background which may differ drastically from the other person, the way that they move in a relationship may be quite different. So, instead, take it as an opportunity to be more open and honest, speaking frankly about race, so that you are more aware and are educated.

In the end, it really is no big deal. "What your parents might think", or "how raising kids in two different cultures will affect them", are although legitimate problems one might have, but not all. We need to understand that these interracial relationships are just that. They're relationships. Making assumptions as to what these couples go through day-in and day-out rather than letting them show and tell will do nothing but keep you in the same place. So why not give it some attention and see what it's all about? I assure you, it indeed will become the perfect mix.